St. Helens Vehicle Exchange Program


The Vehicle Exchange Program provides our customers who may be in an optimal position to upgrade to a new vehicle with new features and more options at or near your current monthly payment! 

We can help you find a replacement vehicle, or get you out of your lease obligation, and in some cases, pay you cash for doing so.

Stress-Free Car-Shopping

This is an opportunity for you to drive a brand-new model without increasing the current monthly payment you are accustomed to. 

With little to no money out of pocket, you can potentially keep the same monthly payment that you are paying now, or previously paying prior to paying off your loan. 

Additional dealer incentives applied, may possibly reduce your payments even more.

Want to Talk Auto Finance?

With incentives currently at an all time high, you can realistically upgrade to a brand new vehicle while substantially reducing your current monthly lease payment!

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Tell Us About Your Vehicle

Tell us about your current vehicle! Year, Make, Model, Condition.

Select A New Vehicle

Find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle and budget out of our new and used inventory. Choose your vehicle and then select from various payments.

Schedule the Delivery

Work with our team to swap vehicles from either your home or at the dealership.