Our Value To You

For car shoppers who feel the current times in customer loyalty have diminished, and challenges ranging from vehicle inventory shortages to dealer, brand, and manufacturer transparency are lacking, you are not alone.

At St. Helens Auto Center, we know that trust and loyalty ultimately must be earned, and underperforming core values will result in a poor reputation. We offer complete transparency in manufacturing updates and ongoing and current solutions to provide the best and assist our community and customers. 

While we understand inventory levels are low, our St. Helens Auto Center staff is thoroughly versed and knowledgeable about in-transit vehicles and manufacturer updates. We have provided solutions to best combat some of these pain points, by listing our In-Transit cars, with the opportunity to "Reserve a Vehicle" with a small down deposit before it even arrives. 

While placing a vehicle order, our team has become product specialists, knowing what may prevent an order from arriving sooner and methods to combat this. Ordering specifics on a car, such as parts or details like bed liners, St. Helens Auto Center has ways to work around these commodity restrictions while working with our customer's needs during the ordering process. In contrast, we provide in-house services and detailing at the dealership with our team to avoid manufacturer's supply chain holdbacks. 

We offer assistance and information on how to Special Order a vehicle and get the best value. We understand the gap in knowing what happens when a car is ordered and delivered 3-6 months later, so we have constructed and perfected our in-person and digital customer follow-up processes and online retailing options. You may have seen some of our email campaigns announcing orders- bank closures, vehicle updates, or vehicles arriving at the lot and available to reserve. 

At the same time, we understand that online retail and car shopping are not best suited for everyone. This process can be less engaging and diminish customer and dealer loyalty. 

To combat this, we have implemented various options while car shopping online, Video Chat being one of them, just as if you were using FaceTime or Zoom. We believe that customers should have an option to come into the store or stay home while pursuing their next vehicle. 

At St. Helens Auto Center, we stand firm behind our motto; We Put People First. St. Helens Auto Center is here for you or wherever you feel comfortable communicating, whether in the store, by phone call, email, text, or video chat.  

Backed behind ongoing manufacturer certifications, spunky ideas, and a wealth of innovative and passionate employees, we strive to be better consultants, team members, and individuals while working and affiliated with our customers and brands.

When you buy, order, service, trade, exchange vehicles, or refer someone to St. Helens Auto Center, you are helping the little guys get ahead. Dealer Minority-owned and family-operated, we are a strong group of individuals. Associated with Ford and Chrysler Dealer Minority Associations, majority female staffed while influencing women in automotive, our dealerships are minority and opportunity-driven!

Our complimentary, We Put People First Loyalty Advantage Program is our way to show our ongoing gratitude to our loyal customers. When you purchase or order a vehicle from us, you will receive over a $1,500 value package: 

  • 30-Day Pit Stop
  • Free Winter Tire Storage
  • Lifetime Alignment and Tire Wear Checks
  • 15% Off Parts, Accessories, or Service
  • Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 Free
  • Monthly EV charging benefits
  • Rotations for Life
  • Personalized Service Coupon Book
  • Towing Reimbursement
  • Tire Reimbursement
  • Emergency Road Service
  • Trip Interruption
  • Emergency Lock-Out
  • Ambulance Reimbursement
  • Email Promotions and Reminders

We have listened and continue to implement a personalized package that provides our customers the best value and has an advantage over our competitors. 

While working with our team at St. Helens Auto Center, not only can you expect transparency during and after your visit, but you can also expect to get a value match guarantee. All our vehicles hit the lot with the most competitive value and best price on the window. If another dealer is willing to beat us, bring their offer in writing, and we will match it. No questions asked.

We appreciate our customers support and encouragement during these challenging times and want to let you know we couldn't have done it without all of you! 

- St. Helens Auto Center Family